1.  How to start an account?

Answer:  Click the Owner Login link on the top row of buttons.  Then choose create new account

2.  Is it really free.

Answer: Yes it is totally free.  You have the option to improve your placement but this is strictly voluntary.

3.  I forgot my password? 

Answer: go to owner login and choose reset password.  You will be asked to enter your email.  Enter the email that you started your account with.  Your password will be emailed to you.

4. How do I go back in the search area.

Answer:  Use your browser back button on the top left of your desktop screen or choose "World" and this will take you to the beginning of the search.  If you want to return one page back select the highlighted Green location you want to revisit.

5. How do I search for properties?

Answer:  click on the map and this will take you to the search or click above the map for homeexchange.  This will also take you to the search for homeexchanges.  Then use the Location list to find the area you are interested in.  All locations are live links to properties located there.  Chlick her to go to the search of vacation rentals .. to homeexchanges .. or to area services.

6.  How do I translate pages?

Answer:  above the header or top row of buttons on the right is a "select language" option.  Click this and the language you want.

7.  What is the best way to have people contact me?

Answer:  Get a google voice phone number.  This will never change and you can forward it to several phone numbers at the same time. Always check your email account. 

8.  How do I improve the rank or placement for my property?

Answer:  Login on a regular basis.  Properties are listed based on last login time and by rank.  Go to your dashboard and you will see "purchase rank" on the menu bar.  Select this.  You can buy placement from one month to many.  If you do $10 for one month.  Your rank will be 10 for that month.  Your listing will display above all lesser rank numbers for that month.  Among listings of the same rank your placement is determined by your last login time. 

9. How do I go back in the search to the previous page? 

Answer:  To return to the previous page use your browser's back button.  To start a new search click "world". 

10. Can I do both vacation rental and homeechanges? 

Answer:  Yes you can.  Just click both when you first construct your page or go back and edit.  This will be the first thing you see after the mapping pages.

11. How do I enter more rate information?

Answer:  Include more rate information in your property description section. 

12. How do I enter my business/service information?

Answer:  The easiest way is to type the information into the  text box.  The first text box will show on the search display.  The second text box information will display when a person opens to your service page.  Include your contact information, hours of operation and any other pertinent information.  The other option is to type into word then cut and paste into the text boxes.  Do not cut and paste from the web as there are many hidden commands that will distort your page display.

13. Where can I get help how to start an account and create a listing?

Answer: Click on this link to a demonstration video   

14. How do I get my listing to show first in the search results?

Answer: Look at the top listing.  In the right hand corner will be a Rank #.  To show about this listing you will need to purchase one more rank than this listing.  If it is a Rank 5 you will need to purchase $6 worth of rank for a minimum 1 month to show above this member's listing.  Click on this link to a demonstration video