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  US-economics -Zero-Net-Job-Report -US-economy  
The Zero Net Jobs Report is a Good Report
Post in : A better world 
posted on 03/09/2011
Author: Mick Bobzio 
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September 3, 2011

The Net Zero Jobs report is a small step in the right direction.  Read on for the reasons why and further comments on the current fiscal situations. 
  1. The recent net zero jobs report was actually positive.  We see more private sector jobs and less government jobs.  This is a trend reversal and as long as it remains we are headed in the right direction
  2. Bernanke is doing nothing.  He should be doing nothing.  This is a positive trend.  The world needs predictability.  That is the strength of the US.  If we are constantly changin...
  GDP -Wealth -Entrepreneur -Growth  
Wealth, Entrepreneurship & GDP
Post in : A better world , A better world 
posted on 18/11/2012
Author: Mick B 
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We hear numerous people refer to the coming fiscal cliff.  What is the fiscal cliff?  Is it like we are jumping from some elevation to our death?  No, it isn't.  Nobody is going to die.  Over a 1000 government agencies will see their budgets reduced including the Military Budget. The Military Budget will be reduced 6% this year and following nine years.  Let's look back at history.  Harry Truman ended WWII during his Presidency.  Two years after ending WWII the defense budget was cut 75%. The US economy began expanding each year after until 2008.

Let's repeat this very important fact.  The current defense budget is 902 Billion.  After the 6% cut the defense budget in 2013 will be 852 Billion. If anyone knows the name of the current war we are fighting let me know.  I want a country not a war on terror, war on drugs, war on poverty or other similar acc...

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Fiscal Cliff More Like a Dose of Needed Medicine
Post in : A better world , A better world , A better world 
posted on 25/11/2012
Author: Mick 
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Fiscal cliff, that's all we hear on any so called "News" shows or talk shows.  Why are quality news reporters who will present the entire situation so rare?  Why don't any of these national news shows put the coming events scheduled for the end of the year into their proper perspective.

Here are the effect of the Bush Tax Cuts expiration in perspective. The middle class worker making underBush Tax Cuts Benefits recieved in 2011 75K will loose $1,132 to higher taxes.  This is not a life stopper or something to loose sleep over. The middle class income payor will give back about 2% of yearly wages to the Federal Government. A million dollar income earner is giving back to the...