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Abraham Lincoln a Role Model for All
Post in : Do the Right Thing 
posted on 23/12/2011
Author: Mick Bobzio 
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#27 Press Release in our series Doing the Right Thing

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We can learn much by looking back at some of our past presidents.  Abraham Lincoln was born in a one room log Cabin in Kentucky.  I have seen this home which is about the size of an oversize one car garage.  His father was a wealthy man but lost his wealth due to faulty land titles when Abraham was very young.  The Lincoln family moved several times during his early years.  When Abraham was 9 his mother died of milk sickness.  When a cow eats a plant called snake root the milk and meat become tinted with the lethal toxin tremetol.  Many Midwesterners died of milk sickness before the cause was identified.  Abraham's sister, Sarah, assumed the role of mother for Abraham.  Abraham abided by the cus...

We Need to Think Outside the Box
Post in : Do the Right Thing , Do the Right Thing 
posted on 28/12/2011
Author: Mick Bobzio 
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#36 Press Release in our series Doing the Right Thing

sponsored by www.bobzio.com

Ron Paul is raising issues that other candidates are not willing to touch.  I will write about one not because I use drugs but because I do not use drugs.  I looked up the cost of the war on drugs since the 1970's.  The cost is estimated to be over 1 trillion and possibly up to 2 trillion dollars.  This accounts for about 10% of our national debt.  I checked up on drug usage rates since this massive drug eradication was initiated.  Marijuana and prescription drug use is up and cocaine use is down.  Seizures are as is drug availability.  I may not be the brightest bulb but I do know if I spent 1 trillion dollars and I still have the same situation I might want to try a different approach especially if I need to cut back my expenditures. 

Ron Paul looks at drugs the same as alcohol which is a controlled drug.  &n...