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To Regulate or Not Which is Better?
Post in : Self Growth 
posted on 19/12/2011
Author: Mick Bobzio 
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#18 Press Release in our series Doing the Right Thing
sponsored by www.bobzio.com
I received a link to a video in my email from a friend.  He just said WOW and enjoy.  It was a video of 5 young Chinese woman riding 8’ unicycles doing coordinated maneuvers while juggling and balancing bowls on their head.  Here is the link .. Unicycle Acrabats . My friend is right I just marvel at the precision and grace these young women display.  It reminds me of my last visit to Disney World.&...
Going Back to a Simpler Life
Post in : Self Growth , Self Growth 
posted on 19/12/2011
Author: Mick Bobzio 
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Visit the Panhandle Pioneer Settlement When You Visit Cape San Blas, Florida
The Panhandle Pioneer Settlement is located about an hour drive from Cape San Blas Florida near Blountstown Florida.  It is a recreation of what life was like in the Panhandle region 75 years ago.  There are several buildings consisting of an old cracker style home, barn, work sheds along with a gymnasium, church and club house.  The Settlement is on 47 acres connected with the Sam B Atkins Park.  The 4000 square foot club house can be rented for meetings and gatherings.  The 3000 square foot clubhouse and bead board church is ideal for weddings.  There is an option to have a home cooked pioneer meal served up for your event.
R&R is an Absolute Necessity
Post in : Self Growth , Self Growth , Self Growth 
posted on 25/12/2011
Author: Mick Bobzio 
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#32 Press Release in our series Doing the Right Thing

sponsored by www.bobzio.com

We learned that laughing causes all stress to vanish.  Now if we could keep laughing all day we would maximize the effects of laughter.  But since this is not practical we need to employ other strategies to maintain our optimal health.  The next best option is what is termed R&R, vacation, holiday, or fiesta.  I love laughter but going on holiday with someone special is very good way to spend your time.  We all need time to relax so we can recharge our life batteries.  Jimmy Buffet stated it best.  He sells escapism in his music.  To be the best spouse, parent, and person possible vacations are an absolute necessity.  To get the most out of your holiday time we developed the website www.bobzio.com so you can maximize your vacation budgets and expand your options.

I like to organize my vacation...

  Quality-life -lifestyle -health  
Quality Life
Post in : Self Growth , Self Growth , Self Growth , Self Growth 
posted on 10/12/2012
Author: Mick B 
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Quality of life: 

What exactly is quality of life?  Is it determined by the size of a bank account?  The number of letters behind one's name, possibly it is the amount of sleep averaged each night?  What if it had something to do with walking barefoot outside or the smell of oak wood burning in a wood stove?  Another indicator might be the variety of natural nutritional options one has?  Quality of life is a mix of all of these components.  To really grasp the concept of quality of life the essential ingredients should be identified.

To define the basic components means defining what is essential for life.  That part is easy.  Humans require clean air, clean water, healthy nutrition, sometimes clothes, and interaction with other social animals.  Social animals do include other humans. 

What defines clean air?  The coal miners of West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky used a canary as their indicator for ...

  play -free-time  
Are We Having Fun?
Post in : Self Growth , Self Growth , Self Growth , Self Growth , Self Growth 
posted on 12/12/2012
Author: Mick B 
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Consider this:

1.     The earth has limited resources and space. 

2.     More people are added each day.

3.     Efficiencies improve each day. In lay terms fewer people are required to achieve the same amount of output. The end result of this phenomenon is concentration of wealth with decreasing number of persons working or an increasing unemployment figure. Artificial fixes to this is the "Practice of Obsolescence" purposely designing things to break, expanding government or by purposeful destruction such as war. The natural fixes are plagues, natural disasters, and famines.

So what are the circumstances now? Concentration of wealth yes but not to the same degree it was concentrated in 1900. Incre...