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  Quality-life -lifestyle -health  
Quality Life
Post in : Self Growth 
posted on 10/12/2012
Author: Mick B 
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Quality of life: 

What exactly is quality of life?  Is it determined by the size of a bank account?  The number of letters behind one's name, possibly it is the amount of sleep averaged each night?  What if it had something to do with walking barefoot outside or the smell of oak wood burning in a wood stove?  Another indicator might be the variety of natural nutritional options one has?  Quality of life is a mix of all of these components.  To really grasp the concept of quality of life the essential ingredients should be identified.

To define the basic components means defining what is essential for life.  That part is easy.  Humans require clean air, clean water, healthy nutrition, sometimes clothes, and interaction with other social animals.  Social animals do include other humans. 

What defines clean air?  The coal miners of West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky used a canary as their indicator for ...

  play -free-time  
Are We Having Fun?
Post in : Self Growth , Self Growth 
posted on 12/12/2012
Author: Mick B 
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Consider this:

1.     The earth has limited resources and space. 

2.     More people are added each day.

3.     Efficiencies improve each day. In lay terms fewer people are required to achieve the same amount of output. The end result of this phenomenon is concentration of wealth with decreasing number of persons working or an increasing unemployment figure. Artificial fixes to this is the "Practice of Obsolescence" purposely designing things to break, expanding government or by purposeful destruction such as war. The natural fixes are plagues, natural disasters, and famines.

So what are the circumstances now? Concentration of wealth yes but not to the same degree it was concentrated in 1900. Incre...